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How to Make Welding Machine Using 12 Volt battery (very easy)

This welding machine is for emergency use. We can use this machine for welding, soldering and cutting thin iron plates. This system runs on a 12-volt battery which is easily available. All the materials of this system are easily available. Anyone can make and use it for emergency welding and soldering and cutting.


Materials required:- 12-volt car battery, 2 thick wires, carbon rod of torch battery and plier.

  Making Process:- 

  1. Take 12-volt car battery and put it in a safe place like floor to avoid burning anything. 
  2. Take an old torch battery and extract carbon rod from it. 
  3. Take one wire and bind one end with carbon rod and connect to any one terminal of the battery
  4. Take another wire and connect to another terminal at one end and at another end connect iron plate which we have weld.
  5. Start welding with a heating carbon rod.

Safety : -  

  •  Must wear gloves and goggle. 
  •  Don't try to weld more than 3 to 5 minutes. If you want to weld more wait for some time for cool down wires then you can start.
  •   Use this system only for emergency purpose because it can damage your battery if you use it more time.

Another use of this system : - 

We can use it for soldering electronic devices. All the process is the same for soldering. We need to sharp carbon rod's end with a knife-like pen. This enables us to sold electronic devices like another soldering machine. We need to heat up the carbon rod and apply soldering paste. This system sold smoothly.

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  1. Can I make it with direct electric (12v DC supply) without battery... Plz suggest

  2. No, it takes high ampere to weld.

  3. Kindly send me a personal video that would teach me in using car batteries to weld my broken suspension of my car
    Thank you.