3 Awesome Experiments with Water that You Can Do at Home.

Fire on Water:


Fire on the water is a very amazing science experiment. We can do this experiment at home using easily available material like glass, water, and cycle repair solution.
bicycle tube puncture solution is easily available in cycle repair shop. The process is very simple.

Let's start.

Step 1 :

  1. Take a transparent glass pour water into the glass. 
  2. Take bicycle tube puncture solution and pour some drops into the glass. 
  3. Bicycle tube puncture solution is highly flammable and floatable so it can use for this experiment. This is highly flammable so do this experiment safely.

Take a lighter and light it. Fire will start burning on the surface of the water. This solution catch fire rapidly so you should take long lighter for safety.

Upside down Water:


Upside down water is a very interesting trick. It looks like a magic. Here water is not falling from glass without a cap. This is an illusion. Here a translucent plastic card is used which looks like water.

Let's start with the easy process.

  1. Take a translucent or transparent plastic card.I use a stick file which I buy from a stationery shop.
  2. Take a glass put on the card and mark circle according to the size of the glass.
  3. Cut the circle carefully.
  4. Fill half of the glass with water and put the plastic cap on the top of the glass. 
  5. Put your palm on the top and move upside down. 
  6. Leave your palm slowly. As the atmospheric pressure outside the glass is larger than the pressure inside the glass which holds the cap and prevents the water from falling out.
  7.  This way water will lock inside the glass.

Upside Down Water Using Mess

Upside down water using a mesh is also a very interesting water experiment.Here too many holes present in mesh but water doesn't fall from it. We can insert small sticks into the water. The Process of this experiment is also very simple. Anyone can do this at home.

Let's start.

  1.  Take a cotton mesh from a medical store. Cut a piece from the bundle.
  2. Put the mess on the top of the glass. 

  3. Take two or three rubber band and insert from the top of the glass. Cut the remaining part of the mesh.
  4.  Take a card and place over it. Put your palm on the glass and move downward. 
  5. Now slowly remove the card from the bottom. Water will lock inside the glass. The science behind this is.

Science behind it

The water does not fall through the mesh because of its surface tension. We know that surface tension is the property of fluids that resist an external force. When the water encounters the mesh while it tends to move downwards through the opening of the glass, its net surface area gets divided according to the openings in the mesh. The nettings in the mesh, then, subdivide the surface of the water. Thus, the water molecules 'hold on' to the net and resist the effect of gravity.

I hope you like these three water experiments. Feel free to comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions for me and ideas please share with me. Subscribe to our website and my youtube channel. 

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