How to Make Flying Balloon with Muriatic Acid

The flying balloon is one of the best playing toys for kids. Kids love playing with a flying balloon. We can make a flying balloon at home very easily with household items. Although there is a various way to make a flying balloon with other chemical but making a flying balloon with muriatic acid and aluminum foil is an easy option. The reaction between muriatic acid and aluminum produces hydrogen and water. Hydrogen is a hot gas which helps in flying of the balloon. Let's start with the various process.

Step 1
  1. Take two glass bottle with rubber cap. Rubber cap will prevent the leakage of gas. Remove both caps from the bottle.
  2. Make one hole in the first cap and two holes in the second cap. 
  3. Holes will allow gas to pass the first bottle to the second bottle and then in the balloon. 
  4. Take an injection pipe from a medical store.
  5. Cut it into two pieces one for connecting both bottles for passing gas and another with pressure control for balloon. 
  6. Glue each hole to avoid leakage.

  Step 2

  1. Open first bottle cap add 50 ml of water.
  2. Water will slow down the reaction. Pour 50 ml muriatic acid. Muriatic acid is also called toilet cleaner acid which you can buy from the local shop.

Hydrogen is highly flammable and dangerous so, make sure no any type of fire is available there. If there is any substance that creates fire remove that first then you can do your activity.Make sure mouth of pipes is properly open to pass gas

Step 3                      
  1. Tear small pieces of aluminum foil and make small balls. Pour these balls in the bottle. 
  2. After pouring aluminum balls reaction will start in just a few seconds so, just close the cap and bind balloon at the end of another pipe. 
  3. The reaction produces hydrogen gas and water. Water is heavy so it stores in the second bottle and hydrogen gas passes through balloon. In 3 to 5 minutes balloon will ready to fly. 
  4. Bind a thread at the end of the balloon and enjoy.

We should be careful while using muriatic acid. It can be dangerous. Muriatic acid, more commonly referred to as hydrochloric acid, is a poisonous and highly corrosive hydrogen chloride solution that is widely used in industrial uses. Some Uses producing chlorides, dyes and fertilizers, electroplating, metal cleaning, and the textile, rubber and photographic industries. Colorless to slightly yellow in appearance, muriatic acid can be identified by its irritating and pungent odor. Harmful effects are experienced through several routes of exposure to muriatic acid, including inhalation, and skin or eye contact.

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