How to Make Glue Gun at Home

Hello friends, today we are going to learn two way to make glue gun at home. These glue guns are not a replacement for the original glue gun. These glue guns are for temporary use. These glue guns are a great temporary stand-in until you can get a real glue gun from the store. Here we will make two types of the glue gun. First using a household lighter and second with soldering machine. Let's start to make glue gun with lighter.

Glue Gun with Lighter :

Step 1 :

Take a long lighter so that easily control glue stick. This type of lighter is best for making glue gun. You can buy it from a local shop.

Step 2 :

Take a coca-cola can and cut a piece from it. Wrap it and make a cone shape. Wrap according to the size of glue stick. Coca-cola can is made of aluminum and aluminum is a good conductor of heat so this is best for making homemade glue gun.

Step 3 :

Take a pin and make two holes in the cone as shown in the picture. Insert a copper wire or any wire for binding on the lighter.

Step 4 :

Bind the cone at the end of lighter. Fix the cone as shown in the picture above so that the flame of lighter heat the end part of the cone. Now glue gun is ready for use. Take a glue stick and insert it in the cone and hit the lighter and press forward the glue stick. Melted glue will start coming from the cone we can use it for sticking.

Make Glue Gun with Soldering Iron :

Making glue gun with soldering iron is another good option. I think this is better than lighter because it needs electricity to heat. Let's start.

Almost all the process is the same for making this glue gun. Take coca-cola can and cut a piece from it. Wrap it and make cone according to the size of glue stick. Take a pin and make two holes in the cone and insert a copper wire and bind at the end of the soldering machine. Bind tightly. Glue gun with soldering iron is now ready for use. Plug in the electric board waits for some time so that the soldering iron heated up. When soldering iron heated up take a glue stick insert in the cone and push forward. Melted glue will start coming. Take care while using this glue gun because most of the part is open fingers can burn. 

I hope you like these two easy way to make hot glue gun at home. Feel free to comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions for me and ideas please share with me. Subscribe to our website and my youtube channel. 


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