How to Make Soldering Paste at Home

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make soldering paste at home.

Soldering is a process in which two or more metals joined together by melting and putting solder into the joint. Soldering joins electrical wiring and electrical components to PCB boards by utilizing a metallic alloy called solder. This special alloy is melted by soldering iron which joins conductors to PCBs, terminals, and wires. Soldering paste is another essential part of soldering. Soldering paste is added to act as a temporary adhesive, holding the components until the soldering process melts the solder and fuses the parts together. There are many different kinds of soldering paste but here we will make a paste using muriatic acid and zinc plate.

Follow these steps :

1. Take an old torch battery and extract zinc plate.
2. To extract zinc plate cut both ends of the battery.
3. Remove all materials that are inside.
4. Clean plate using cloths or paper.
5. Cut zinc plate in small pieces.
6. Fold the pieces to make it small.

7. Take a small glass bottle. Make sure bottle is clean

8. Take Muriatic acid and pour 50 ml into the bottle.

9. Pour small zinc pieces in the bottle.

The reaction will start within a few seconds. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes. Soldering paste is now ready for useAlthough this is in the form of the liquid after a  few days it will look like paste. Take a toothpick and roll some cotton to make a stick for apply soldering paste. Now apply this paste whenever you want to solder anything.

Now apply this paste whenever you want to solder anything.

We should be careful while using muriatic acid. It can be dangerous. Muriatic acid, more commonly referred to as hydrochloric acid, is a poisonous and highly corrosive hydrogen chloride solution that is widely used in industrial uses. Some Uses producing chlorides, dyes and fertilizers, electroplating, metal cleaning, and the textile, rubber and photographic industries. Colorless to slightly yellow in appearance, muriatic acid can be identified by its irritating and pungent odor. Harmful effects are experienced through several routes of exposure to muriatic acid, including inhalation, and skin or eye contact.

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