How to Make Tripwire Alarm Easily

Make own tripwire alarm

Hello friends, we are going to learn how to make own trip wire alarm at home. There are different ways to make tripwire alarm. Here we will make tripwire alarm using a bicycle buzzer and syringe. Tripwire alarm is the basic security system. It has been used during a hunting, camping, warfare and many other places from centuries ago. It protects from intruders which come around the house. There are many types of tripwire alarms like direct tripwire alarm, laser tripwire alarm, radio-frequency tripwire alarm. We can make a simple tripwire alarm at home and we can buy complex alarms from the market. Here we are going to learn how to make tripwire alarm with a very simple way. The process of assembling is also very easy. When someone keeps his foot on the wired alarm will start. 

Let's start.

Step 1:

  •  Take a syringe and remove its pump.
  •  Insert an iron ball into the syringe.
  •  Iron Ball should be a little bit small in size than the size of syringe circle that it can easily move inside.
  •  Take two pins and poke in the syringe.
  •  Leave a little bit space of pins while poking so that wires of buzzer can be bind.
  •  Take a buzzer, you can buy it from a bicycle shop. 
  • Here I use this buzzer because it has all buzzing system already installed with battery, so we don't need extra setup.
  •  Cut the wires of the buzzer and attach to the pins of the syringe. Now check the system by shaking the syringe.
  •  As iron ball touch the pins the buzzer will start buzzing.
  •  Here the iron ball completes the circuit of the buzzer when it touches the pins and breaks the circuit when it out of touch.

Step 2:

  • Take a pin and make two holes in the syringe's barrel flange. 
  • Take a thread and insert in the holes and bind it. 
  • This will help in the up-down movement of the syringe.
  •  Take a pin and glue it in the middle of the syringe. 

Step 3:

  • Take a rectangular shape wood piece. 
  • Poke the syringe by the pin that we glued in the middle of syringe.
  • Glue the buzzer on the wooden piece.
  • Poke two or three nails behind of wooden piece for bind the system at desired place.

 The system is ready now. Select a place for fitting the system. Here I bind in a small tree and bind the thread to another tree a little bit far away from the system. When someone put his foot on the thread the buzzer will start buzzing. This system worked well when I put my foot on the thread.

I hope you like this very simple way to make tripwire alarm. Feel free to comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions for me and ideas please share with me. Subscribe to our website and my youtube channel. 


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