How To Make Robot That Runs on Water

There are a large variety of robots in the world. Robots have various abilities and they work like humans. Here we are going to make such a robot that can walk or run on the surface of water and land also. We can make it using some household items like cardboard, gear motor, foam etc. The process of making this robot is very simple. So, let's start with steps.

Step 1   :   

Take a cardboard to draw four triangular shapes of size (15 cm, 7cm, 7cm) and cut with a knife.  Cardboard ’s size should be thicker. Cut a rectangular piece of size 15cm x 8cm from cardboard sheet.

  Make sure all sides are straight. Now drill three holes at the corners of each triangular piece. See the picture below.
Step 2   :   

  1. Take two triangular sheets and glue it on the rectangular sheet at the edge.  Glue perfectly for a strong base. 
  2. Now take a dual shaft gear motor, switch, 9v battery and two small connectors. Connect battery and switch to dual shaft gear motor. 
  3. Sold perfectly each wire. Take two small connectors and connect it to the motor’s shaft. Screw it tightly. 
  4. Now place these devices in the middle of sheets and glue motor and battery in the middle and switch at the edge. 
  5. Take two strong straw pieces of size 3cm. Connect these pieces with the motor through connectors.

Step 3  :   

  1. Take two toothpicks of size 10 cm each.  Insert them in lower holes of both sides of triangular cardboard. 
  2. Take four glue stick pieces and insert them in toothpicks. Take six popsicle pieces of size 4 cm and drill holes at both ends of stick leaving 0.5 cm.
  3.  Now insert all these six sticks in toothpicks keeping mind that all popsicle pieces at same angle and glue it.
  4.  Take six small pieces of toothpick size 2 cm each. Glue it at another hole of popsicle pieces.
  5.  Take two triangular sheets and insert them from both sides in the small pieces of the toothpick and insert glue stick pieces to fix it.

Step 4  :   

  1. Take three pieces of foam of size 15cm x 8cm. Make a zig-zag surface at the bottom surface.
  2. Glue these foam pieces at lower surfaces of the robot. Make sure it sticks well. Now the robot is ready for the run on the surface of the water.
  3.  Here foam holds the weight of the robot that helps to run on the water. Foam can easily float on water.
  4. To run this robot put the robot at the edge of pond or lakes and turn on the switch.

I hope you like this. Feel free to comment here. If you have any questions, suggestions for me and ideas, please share with me.
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