Biodegradable Plastic Bags

In the above video we have made a biodegradable plastic using Sabudana. That is a simple DIY biodegradable plastic but I am going to explain it in detail.

While plastic has many valuable uses, we have become addicted to single-use or disposable plastic. Around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, while up to five trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year. In total half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once and then thrown away.

These plastics are polluting a large area of land as well as water bodies and oceans.

The main problem with plastic is it takes about a thousand years to biodegrade and release toxic chemicals. Plant-based biodegradable plastic could solve this problem.

In India, there is a company named ENVIGREEN BIOTECH INDIA PVT.LTD. has made water-soluble, biodegradable bags. These bags are 100% safe for the environment. They have used cassava starch (Sabudana), vegetable oil, and vegetable-based extract to make these bags.

Here are some important features of these bags :-

  1. Biodegrade in two to three months
  2. Water-soluble
  3. Strong
  4. Transparent
  5. Chemical and toxic-free
  6. Cheap
  7. Edible

These bags are reducing pollution causes by plastic. Thanks to ENVIGREEN company for their great work.

Keep Your area clean and stay safe.

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