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Five Futuristic Fuel

India spends about Rs 8 lakh crore on the import of products like petrol and diesel. If fuel with the option of all these fuels is produced in the country itself by not sending such a large quantity of money abroad, the economy of our country will be strengthened and crores of people can get employment.

Let’s now discuss Alternative and Futuristic fuel.

(1). Hydrogen:- Hydrogen is available in large quantities on earth. It will never end. It is a clean fuel, which produces only water when consumed in the fuel cell. Hydrogen can be produced from various types of domestic resources such as natural gas, nuclear energy, biomass. These properties make it an attractive fuel option for transportation and lightning production applications. It is used for portable electricity in households and in many other uses.

4 processes are used to make Hydrogen fuel.

(I). Thermochemical
(II). Electrolytic
(III). Photolytic
(IV). Biological

(2). Ethanol:- Ethanol is a Renewable biofuel made of biomass. It’s alcohol clean and colorless. Which is made from different biomass materials as feedstocks. Corn, jowar, bio, sugarcane, and beet are used to make it. It is very beneficial for the farmers. There are very different processes to make it, but the most common process is sugar has to fermentation process with yeast and then our Ethanol fuel is ready.

(3). CNG:- Compressed Natural gas (CNG) Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons found within the earth. Which contains 80% to 90% of methane gas. This gas emits 70% nitrogen oxide and about 89% of organic gases as compared to petrol and diesel. Nature is the component of gas -like (CNG), methane, ethane, and propane. Like Natural gas (CNG), it is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. It’s eco for our aeration – friendly | It is also being used in many vehicles nowadays.

(4). LNG:- LNG means liquefied natural gas is natural gas. Which is generally sent in large quantities through the ship to a country where the pipeline is not possible. This gas is cooled to -160°C and transport in liquid form. That is why it is called liquefied natural gas. And that’s why it uses less space in gas transportation. Natural gas removes a lot of care to make liquefied natural gas so LNG feels purist from natural gas. LNG is a very cold and natural gas. It provides better results as fuel in vehicles such as Bus and Truck for traveling long distances. It gives more energy than CNG. Once the LNG is filled, Bus or Truck can make a distance of 600 to 800 Km. It is 30 to 40% cheaper than Diesel. Experts point out that it is more inflammable than CNG LNG|

(5). Biodiesel:- Biodiesel is a form of diesel made from vegetable oil and animal fat| It can become an infinite source of income for farmers cultivating algae and oily plants as it makes biodiesel easier| It also helps in reducing pollution.

Apart from these Solar and Battery technology is also very important for fulfilling the energy of our country. We will discuss it in the next Post.

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