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Gravity Battery

We know that battery is used to store energy but an ordinary battery is made using a chemical that ends in a few days and also causes pollution. A gravity Battery is a battery that stores energy without using any chemicals and does not get damaged. Here Gravity is used to store energy. There is a special gear system

And heavyweight is used so that heavyweight slowly falls down and rotates the generator while falling down so that power can be generated For this, a high place is selected and a pit is also provided to increase the depth and it have also special gear system, which rotates the generator thousands of times in a rotation.

When energy has to store heavyweight is carried up, gravitational potential energy is stored as soon as it goes up and when this energy has to be used, it is allowed to free-fall due to gravity it starts falling down and electricity is generated using the same kinetic energy That is why it is called gravity battery. It stores thousands of times more energy than an ordinary battery.

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