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This Airplane can go into the Space

Recently, Richard Branson has toured Space with her special plane which has been created by her company Virgin galactic. Although rockets are used to get into space, it sends only airplane into space. In this, three airplane are blown together by runway. Although the main plane that goes into space is filled with the same fuel as a rocket, it does not go above the thrust of the air but goes through the thrust of the fuel. The name of this plane is Unity. The other two aircraft after moving to a height of 50,000 feet, separate unity from themselves and come back. Unity aircraft then moves into space at a faster speed than the wind speed. Now let’s talk about what happened in the tour of Branson. They went up 88 km from the Ground level of the Space Plane Earth. Seeing the Earth from such a height, the curvature of Earth was visible. The most interesting thing is that after going to such a Hight, they started passengers weightlessness experience as if the rest Astronauts experience. But this plane has not lasted so long on such a Hight. It remained in the zero gravity for just four minutes, after which the rest came back like airplanes and land to the runway. It took only 1 hour for the entire journey. It’s really amazing technology to travel in space.

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