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How X-Ray Work

X-Ray is the electromagnetic radiation of a high frequency. X-Ray is prepared by accelerating electrons in an x-ray tube. The X-Ray tube is a vacuum tube with a cathode with filament on one side and an anode with a Tungsten or tungsten-like high melting point anode on the other side Cathode and anode are connected to the high voltage which highly accelerated electrons release the filament and hit the anode (Tungsten), about 99% heat is formed when hit and 1% X-Ray is ready. The energy and frequency of the ray are so large that it goes across low-density objects like our skin, The broken bones of the patient's image are captured using the same properties. The density of the bone is high, it absorbs the X-ray but crosses the skin which is why the bone is formed on the shadow x-ray film. It is used to check the contents of bags in places like airports and metro stations.

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